Find & Close your next 100 customers.

Done-for-you outbound prospecting to book quality meetings and hit your revenue targets.

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⇩ They're quietly crushing it

We bring meetings that bring you revenue.

Outbound sales to help you cut through the noise

If you're here, it's because you've seen a Sales guru's post on LinkedIn and got nothing out of it. Then you tried Hubspot's email templates, and, well, now you're here.


Our process

We've got experience, data and hustle.

Founder interview

2h to understand your business and who we're going after.

The Craft

We'll craft the sequences, messaging and send them over for approval. We'll also build lists of ideal prospects.

Heavy lifting

We'll contact your prospects and hand them over when they're ready to talk about your services.


Outbound sales from the trenches

I'm a real person
Guaranteed no AI
I still sell stuff

Their words, not mine

Real people, not actors (Kevin might make it to Hollywood one day though)

Genius! We ran it on a small batch, got far more replies compared to our old copy, and closed our first customer from email campaigns! We are planning to run it on a much bigger audience during the next period.

Sherif, CEO - Funnelll

Learned a lot from you in that short time. Been a real good week for me, booked 5 meetings!

Julian Burns - Kinetica

I didn't expect much at first, but it turned out to be great. I really like the email copy we created together. it's simple, and it works.

Amanda, Co-Founder - PerfectRecall

I'm a newbie in cold email and copywriting. I actually closed clients the very next days.

Kevin, COO - Facet Group

Hi, I'm Victor Vatus

I'm a Receptionist-turned-VP Sales. I built my humble sales success on my passion for human interactions, organization and copywriting skills. I brought a lot of money to different firms because I'm good at telling stories. Time to tell yours?

Let's book meetings and talk to people.