Find & Close your next 100 customers. shows you where your next customers are, how to best reach out to them, and helps you close them.

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Your own Sales Engine

Supports you and your team at each step of the Sales way

How it works

Find potential customers and their email with our LinkedIn extension.

Own our data-backed sequences and reach out to your ideal prospects.

Book quality meetings, move your deals forward and stay on top of your game.

Close deals. Repeat. Scale.

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Get in touch and we'll write your new sequence with you. For free. Really.

Sales that scale

Simply take control of your growth

Meet your market

MakeSales shows you where your future clients are and why they might be the right fit for you.

Book smart meetings

Use our battle-tested sequences (fill in the blanks!) with a human touch to engage with your prospects and cut through the noise.

Close deals on autopilot

Sales is a process, follow the recipe! MakeSales supports you at each step of the way.

Collaborate as a team

Share contacts, sequences, best practices and make sure everyone shoots in the same direction.

Forget the boring stuff

The system works for you, not the other way around. Tasks, reporting, copywriting suggestions: it's all baked in the system, for you.

Chat & video support

Leverage the community, data and other leaders' experience to go through your own sales hoops.


Build your own Sales Engine

Done with inbound leads and your direct network? Time to be proactive and build a repeatable system.

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If not, we're sending your money back, no questions asked

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Their words, not ours

What our clients are saying

Genius! We ran it on a small batch, got far more replies compared to our old copy, and closed our first customer from email campaigns! We are planning to run it on a much bigger audience during the next period.
Sherif, CEO - Funnelll
I didn't think that this would be useful, but it turned out to be great. I really like the email copy we created together. This is very simple.
Amanda, Co-Founder - PerfectRecall
Just moved from Snov to MakeSales! It'super easy to use and has great templates for cold emails for a newbie like me who isn't a great copywriter...
Kevin, COO - Facet Group

"Sales is the art of humanizing a very mechanical process"

We'll write your new sequence with you.

For free (yes).