Acceptable use policy

Engage with people the way you'd like people to engage with you.

As a customer of MakeSales you agree to comply to Outreach's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and abide by this AUP which governs the use of our service in respect of permission and acceptable use.

You must have permission to email the recipient when using our service to send bulk campaigns. All messages must comply with all applicable laws and regulations where you or MakeSales operates or the recipient of your message is located.

Also, we're sales experts, we know what works, what doesn't, and what you should stay away from, like:

  • Spray and pray: don't mass email. If it only took 30 seconds to enroll someone in a sequence, you're doing something wrong.
  • Bounce rate: shoot for 15% or less
  • SPAM bounce rate: if more than 1% of the people you reach out to signal you as SPAM, you're doing something wrong and should reassess your strategy, or else, your domain will be banned and that's a big no-no.
  • Emails: try to shoot for 90% accuracy on the emails you send.
  • Open rate: 20% and up is a healthy number. Below that, reassess, or shoot us a note.
  • Reply rate: depending on your average price tag and the competition in your space, shoot for anything between 2% (weak) and 35% (only seen on LinkedIn from a Sales guru though).
  • Opt-out: Keep it under 10%
  • Don't write to hello@, contact@ or support@, you will most likely not get a reply.
  • Include your full contact information, ideally with a physical address.
  • Don't impersonate anyone. Just be yourself, everyone else is taken.
  • Don't format or attach anything. It'll hurt your deliverability.
  • Use a corporate email domain instead of a free or generic one. You won't look serious.

If you want to know what to ACTUALLY do, read this or shoot us a note!