How to use the Chrome Extension

How to use the Chrome Extension

Ready to reach out to your future customers?

First, download the MakeSales Chrome Extension here.

Next, go on LinkedIn and hit the "SYNC" button (also work in Sales Navigator).

MakeSales Chrome Extension.png

For your first time, you'll need to login with the email you used to create your MakeSales account.

You'll then see a new section appear, with your prospect's information.

MakeSales Chrome Extension 2.png

To find your prospect's email address, hit "FIND" and wait for the suggestion we'll make.

MakeSales Chrome Extension 3.png

When you're ready, click on "CREATE PERSON":

MakeSales Chrome Extension 4.png

Your contact will be waiting for you in MakeSales, ready to be enrolled in one of your sequences.

MakeSales Chrome Extension 5.png

Select the sequence that is most relevant to this person and let's book them for a call!