Reaching out cold to your dream prospects? Answer these questions first

Reaching out cold to your dream prospects? Answer these questions first

Sales is about your prospects' status quo, the problem coming with it, the promised land, and how your offer bridges the gap between these.

The moment you've identified your dream prospect, I suggest you ask yourself these questions to craft your messaging:

  • What is the typical status quo of your targets?
  • What are 3 issues/pain points they face that your offer fulfills?
  • What can they achieve with you that they can't without?

This can be used as your foundation to come up with compelling copies. Forget the rest, forget the fluff, forget your company name, make it ALL ABOUT THEM.

Your main objective is to intrigue, provide a new perspective on their issue, and tease the promised land. Bonus points for those who educate and bring data.

Here's an example if I were to reach out cold to someone to discuss MakeSales:

Subject: Intro Dan & Victor

Hello Dan,

I saw on IH that you closed your 6th client yesterday, congrats!

You also mentioned that they all came from referrals. Most of the people I talked to here confessed that selling past these communities was tougher than expected.

Have you considered building a repeatable sales process that you can hand off to your first sales hire?

Is this worth exploring on your end?

Why does it work?

  • it's personal, they understand that it's geared for them specifically
  • it's all about them, not about me
  • it leads with a problem, which people engage more with that just benefits
  • it shows a promised land, something they will be able to accomplish that's bigger than what they have in mind right now

Happy selling!